About Iglu Radio Podcaster App


The Iglu Radio app is a service of RadioLinx Broadcast Marketing LLC. Here is our story.

Our roots are in radio. Founded in 1997, RadioLinx began as a boutique firm offering affordable radio syndication representation to emerging and established radio programs. With more than 25 years of industry experience on the broadcast and syndication sides of the industry, RadioLinx has successfully helped newly launched programs and veteran shows alike establish and grow their station affiliate rosters in markets of all sizes from Daytona Beach to Los Angeles.  

As show hosts embrace new technologies and audience platforms, RadioLinx's suite of services inevitably expanded as well. We offer show producers a podcaster app designed to improve audience engagement and enhance the digital media presence of their programs. Iglu works with terrestrial radio hosts who rebroadcast their show in podcast form as well as independent podcasters.     

The RadioLinx syndication office is located in Phoenix and our podcaster software app development lab is in Eugene Oregon.

We can be reached at 480-993-3150 or igluradio@radio-linx.com